Adobe Premiere Pro CC Media Pending Error Solved

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So you’re using Premiere Pro CC. And all of a sudden your viewer freezes on a frame. You can hear the audio when you hit play, but but the video is frozen. And if by chance it unfreezes, it says “Media Pending.” And to make things worse, Premiere Pro CC doesn’t even load after you shut it down, without a restart of your machine.


You’ve searched the Internet far and wide. Everyone tells you to reconnect this way or that, and nothing works. You are now getting irritated by the fact that I’m rambling on without giving you the solution. All I can tell you is that I found a solution for myself. And it’s two of the the simplest things:

Solution 1:

Don’t use Magic Bullet Looks. Just get rid of it from the effects panels of the video files where you put them. And all will be fine.

Solution 2:
Another solution that seems to work is to add cuts in your clip. If the clip is long, just add cut points on it in the timeline and it will stop the media pending sign. It’s a ridiculous solution, but it works. It seems to be an indexing problem and a large clip just never seems to get indexed, either because of size or plugins added.

Leave a comment if the suggestions work!