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Izotope RX4 Connect for Pro Tools

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The primary reason to use RX4 Connect is to be able to use all the modules available in Izotope RX from inside your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), like Pro Tools, Logic, etc. If you’re using Pro Tools, then it’s extremely useful to be able to use RX4 Connect. While you may have access to individual plugin modules inside your DAW, you might sometimes want to do all the processing at once, and that is impossible to do when using a DAW like Pro Tools, which takes over your sound card and does not allow RX access to the sound card in your computer. So the trick is to connect Izotope RX to your soundcard, through an Aux track you set up in your DAW.

That is what the video below will show you how to do.


The video above is part of our Audio for Filmmakers series. If you are a filmmaker, and you don’t have access to all these audio tools, it might still be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the audio tools used in professional film production, just to know the possibilities with software today.

Pro Tools No Movie Present

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If you’re getting the error, here is the problem. You probably exported your video in h.264. Well, Pro Tools, even though it’s currently produced by AVID, still doesn’t like most video codecs, and has an extensive history of bad behavior when it comes to h.264 files. Here are the solutions. The problem is that Pro Tools only supports QuickTime for video playback, regardless of the codec used.

Solution 1 (this is what I do):

  • Export your render to QuickTime.
  • Under Preset: Choose NTSC DV.
  • Under Video Tab, in Video Code, choose H.264

What pro tools does understand is QuickTime. So it understands H.264, as long as it is packaged in Quicktime. Any of the Avid codecs will work also, but won’t look as good for the same file size. If for some reason, this solution doesn’t work for you, here’s the second solution:

Solution 2:

  • Go to:
  • Download Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate (about 40 bucks)
  • Install Video Converter.
  • Then convert your previously rendered file into a DV file in the converter.
  • Then import that DV file into Pro Tools.
  • The video quality is going to suck. The Frame rate shouldn’t change. Check your sync pops!