What is the job of a Script Supervisor

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Tim Hunt explains in detail, the unceremonious and often tedious and thankless job of the Script Supervisor or Continuity Supervisor. It’s the Script Supervisor that makes sure that the actors are wearing the right clothes, and the sun is in the right place and the cup is in the right hand between takes, among other things. In the video below, Tim breaks down the details.

What is a Continuity Supervisor or a Script Supervisor?

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In the video¬†below, Tim Hunt describes what a Script Supervisor or a Continuity Supervisor is. Tim and I just finished shooting a feature length film and Tim’s expertise was indispensable in getting through the day in an organized manner. From the point of view of a Director, the most important thing Tim did, was keep me from making mistakes that would make the edit impossible. Below is the first part of a series of interviews with Tim.