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Free Ink bleed, Ink Drop Resources

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Below are links to free ink bleed and ink matte resources for filmmakers.

1. Ink Mattes from The Creative Dojo:

Free Ink Matte Pack

I’d use these for water color effects.
2. Ink drops:

There’s a Gumroad download link. All you have to do is type in ‘0’ (Zero) in the price, and it’ll allow you to download.

3. Ink Bleeds

Ink Stock Footage

You can download the footage individually. And they’re all free.

If you know of other Free Ink Bleed and Ink Drop and Ink Matte resources, let me know and I’ll update this page.

Adobe After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts Bookmark

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Useful After Effects Shortcuts

    • ALT / OPTION + [ – (Makes Playhead the beginning of layer)
    • ALT / OPTION +] – (Makes Playhead the end of layer)
    • [ – Move beginning of layer to Playhead
    • ] – Move End of layer to Playhead
    • CTRL / CMD + SHIFT + d – Split layer at Playhead
    • n – (Makes playhead end of work area)
    • b – (Makes Playhead beginnign of work area)
    • l + l – Hit L key twice to view sound wave (Make sure sound layer is selected)
    • 0 – Zero key on the number pad for Ram Preview
    • u (Hit u twice if you want to see expressions. Make sure layer is selected)
    • p – Position
    • t – Opacity/Transparency
    • s – scale
    • ALT / OPTION + Mouse –  Scale selected keyframes
    • r – rotation
    • k – move to next keyframe
    • j – move to previous keyframe
    • i – move to beginning of layer
    • o – move to end of layer
    • v – Selection Tool

  • z – Zoom
  • m + m – View Mask Settings (Make sure layer is selected)
  • y – Pan Behind Tool
  • c – Camera Tool
  • f – Mask feather
  • a – anchor point
  • a + a – Brings up 3D options for 3D layers and lights
  • + – Zoom in timeline
  • ‘-‘ – Zoom out timeline
  • ‘~’ – Zoom window underneath mouse
  • CTRL / CMD + ‘+’ – Zoom in
  • CTRL / CMD + ‘-‘ – Zoom out
  • CTRL / CMD + ALT + Y – New Adjustment layer
  • CTRL / CMD + Y – New Solid
  • SHIFT + CTRL / CMD + Y – Solid Settings
  • CTRL / CMD + d – Duplicate
  • ENTER Key – Rename Layer or Comp
  • Space Bar – Hand Tool
  • F9 – Easy ease
  • Right Arrow – Move layer one frame forward (Make sure layer is selected)
  • Left Arrow – Move layer one frame back (Make sure layer is selected)
  • PAGE UP – move one frame back
  • PAGE DOWN – move one frame forward
  • SHIFT + PAGE UP – move 10 frames back
  • SHIFT + PAGE DOWN – move 10 frames forward
  • CTRL + SHIFT + H = Hide Masks and layers outlines


Easy Chroma keying / Color Keying in After Effects for Beginners

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If you’ve been trying to use Keylight in After Effects and find that your footage becomes grainy or unusable after using keylight, this video is for you.

Below is a video tutorial for green screen color keying in After Effects. There are lots of chroma keying or color keying tutorials already on the web, and I made yet another one.

In my opinion there are two kinds of color keying tutorials, the one for the beginner that doesn’t really show you how to key your footage and make it look good, and the one for the intermediate user that may be a bit too advanced for the neophyte to keep his/her concentration over.

So I made the one below, that while it won’t make your key perfect, it’ll make it look pretty damn good.

If you watched the video keenly, then you noticed that if you look hard enough (sometimes not even so hard enough if your eyes are trained for it), then you’ll see unacceptable levels of spillage on the skin and clothes of the subjects. If you are a perfectionist and want to get rid of those also, then you cannot rely on the Intermediate Result option. You will then have to use the matte as a luma key. It’s a more advanced procedure, but it gets rid of all the green. Andrew Kramer shows how to do it in one of his videos, I can’t remember which. If you’re unsatisfied with your key, and you really want to know, drop me a line and I’ll do a video on it.