Indie Film Distribution – IndieFlix Review (preliminary)

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  • August 13, 2015


So what is IndieFlix? According to the Founder and CEO Scilla Andreen, Variety calls it the Netflix for Indie Films. The real question for Indie Filmmakers is “What can it do for me?”

After taking a pretty exhaustive look, I think it can do a lot more for the indie filmmaker, than thinking about Netflix can. Indiflix makes its money on a subscription model similar to Netflix. But the way you get paid is based on how many minutes of your film is actually watched.

As an indie filmmaker this may not feel like a solution. What exactly is the difference between putting your film up on youtube and no one watching, and putting it up on CreateSpace and nobody watching, and putting it up on IndieFlix and nobody watching? What is the difference between getting paid through a YouTube ad per view, and getting paid on IndieFlix, if the audience is watching neither?

I would say that the main difference between IndieFlix and say Youtube, in terms of whether you make money or not, is that IndieFlix is going to have less things on it YouTube. The very fact that YouTube has so much content makes it impossible for new entrants to get noticed in 2015. If you think of IndieFlix as YouTube but at a much smaller level, the chances of your film getting watched by an IndieFlix Subscriber is probably higher. But that’s just my thoughts on the subject. Here are some further pros and cons.


  • If your film is half decent, I have a feeling that it will get picked (I haven’t submitted mine yet, but I have a feeling it will qualify. We shall see).
  • You will get paid on a per minute viewing algorithm, which means that you will get paid according to the how many minutes your film is viewed (basically, the more you advertise your film on IndieFlix, the better it is for IndieFlix and you).
  • There are a couple of stories about films that actually made quite a bit of money on Indieflix (I’ll write more on these later)
  • Indieflix has a non-exclusive arrangement with the filmmaker, which allows the filmmaker to do whatever else s/he wishes with the film
  • Unlike iTunes, or Distribber, or VimeoPro there is no fee to get your film into their library.
  • Your film can play on various platforms such as Roku and XBox


  • They’re not going to market your film for you. They’re a technology platform like NetFlix for you to deliver your film. You still have to do your own marketing (This is not a real con, but it’s like any other platform)


The one thing that gives me some pause before I fully recommend it, although I could just think of one con, is the lack of endorsements by filmmakers for IndieFlix. If filmmakers are making money on IndieFlix, why aren’t there more stories of or by filmmakers of how much money they’re actually making on IndieFlix? I’ve googled far and wide for filmmaker experiences with IndieFlix, and have found crumbs here and there but nothing of real substance. That makes me wonder about the enthusiasm in CEO Andreen’s interviews I’ve heard and read. What’s the big secret? Why don’t they publicize their top money making films for the year, in their info for filmmakers?

The worst case scenario is that it doesn’t seem to be any worse than any other distribution platform, and is in fact better than some such as iTunes and Distribber, in the sense that it doesn’t cost anything to get it on the platform. And also the fact that your film won’t be lost amongst thousands of other films is also a plus.

But I will be including it in my distribution planning and will be updating this page. And if any of you know of any inside stories, please comment below for the benefit of others, or email me.


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