2015 June

Royalty Free Music – LightShow

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I’m calling this piece LightShow. It was sitting on my computer gathering dust. I’m no musician, so am not really interested in finding out how bad it is. I love the piece. And if you like it and want to use it in your film or video work, feel free to do so.


Mocha Tutorial for Beginners – Replace a Billboard

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Have you sat through Mocha tutorials, only to find that when you apply the techniques, it doesn’t work or track properly? Have you searched for “Mocha does not track” and “Mocha doesn’t work,” and “Mocha does not work with After Effects,” and wondered “what am I doing wrong?” Well then watch the video below. It will work as the very first tutorial every beginner should watch just to get an understanding of how to After Effects and mocha work together for beginners.

The experts know how to use Mocha. And I’m sure they know workarounds for issues. But what they don’t know is how to talk to us beginners. And this tutorial will show you at least one way of how to make Mocha work for you in After Effects.




Audio for Filmmakers – How to remove hum from your audio with Izotope RX4

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If you are a filmmaker, and you’re spending gazillions of dollars or pounds or deutschemarks on film and audio equipment, you need to start spending some money on audio software, or else there is a pretty good chance your recorded audio will still sound like crap. There is a plethora of software to choose from. I personally like Izotope RX4. Below is a video on how to remove hums like refrigerator noise or other background low frequency hums with RX4.