2014 December

How to Mix Audio Levels for Films & Movies

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Below is a great video from youtube channel bacontrees for all you filmmakers frustrated with planning for the audio for the feature film you’re working on. I’ve been apprised that a part two is coming soon. The video gives you a great insight into how to think about your audio post production.

I just purchased two monitor audios and an audio pressure meter. This video gives me a good idea on what to do with the pink noise, and how to interpret the sound coming from the speakers. Just watch the video. I’ll post part two when it’s online.

Muck – Crowdfunding Success

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Film: MUCK
Amount: $266,325 of $250,000
Director: Steve Wolsh
Writer: Steve Wolsh
Country: USA
Platform: KickStarter (campaign website)

MUCK Poster

It’s a horror film, so it has genre going for it. But to say only that would be to dismiss everything else these guys did. The film includes Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th Part VII , VIII, Jason Goes to Hell, and Jason X, as well as theHatchet series) and co-stars 2012 Playboy Playmate of the Year Jaclyn Swedberg. What’s more, one of the perks include a visit to the playboy mansion. Such feats are beyond the rest of us mere mortals. Or are they, sometimes one wonders.

They did have a great first promo video, among many videos. Hot chics everywhere.

Actually the story I told is not exactly true. The first movie they already made, and it’s being released by Anchor Bay Entertainment, on Friday the 13th, March 2015. The quarter o a million dollars they just raised, is for the sequel in the trilogy. So these guys have some secret sauce that includes knowing playboy playmates Kane Hodder and Anchor Bay execs. I’m not sure how to apply these lessons to my own projects or how you should apply these lessons to your projects. If you can come up with a lesson learned from the info, please post a comment. Maybe the most important lesson is, choose a cast that has an existing fan base.

The most important takeaway from this (not sure if its a real takeaway), but the project had a lot of backers for high amounts. For instance ten $2500, seven $1,500 donors, five $10,000 donors, and two $7,500 among other high amount donors. That right there counts for more than $100,000 of the $250,000 ask. I’m betting one of director Steve Wolsh’s secrets might be that he has a lot of wealthy relatives. But I can’t really research that right now.


  • They did have a horror genre recognizable star
  • They have playboy bunnies
  • They offered chance to visit the playboy mansion.

I leave you with some more videos

First and Only – Crowdfunding success

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Film: First and Only
Director: Magnus Wake
Writer: Peter Flannery
Country: UK (Scotland)
Platform: Indiegogo (campaign website)

The movie is based on writer Peter Flannery’s successful self-published book called “First And Only.” According to the Kickstarter Video, 60K copies of the book were downloaded from Amazon, and the book has more than 500 positive reviews.

As of about 24hrs prior to the closing of the campaign, it had raised more than £46,000 of the £50,000 ask. The campaign closed at £50,465. So they raised their money.

The takeaways here are these:
This project seems like a very Scottish project. The book is written by a Scott, the main character is Scot, and the story is set in Scotland. While the campaign video doesn’t overdo the Scotland bit, it does drive home the point that it is a Scottish enterprise. Apart from the accent, check out the picture of the star:


It’s the kid from Braveheart. Now who doesn’t remember this kid or his stoic Scottishness? Just seeing that picture put a smile on at least this writer’s face.

Most of the perks they gave out were standard. But they had a nice perk called “Director’s Envy” which I haven’t seen before. It gives one access to behind the scenes footage, storyboards and first cuts.

They also sold Advertisement (£500/perk) and cameos (£1,000 per perk) in the film.


  • Project is based on popular book.
  • Actor is famous in Scotland
  • Perks involved advertisement and cameos (4 and 6 claimed respectively)
  • I liked the localized Scottish feeling of the campaign.

The Independent Filmmaker Manifesto

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I’d written this a couple of months ago and posted it on another site. Pretty good first post for a new site I think.

  1. I am not an Independent Filmmaker.
  2. I am A Practical Filmmaker.
  3. I will not be a gear whore. I will only buy gear that is necessary for specific purposes.
  4. I will not try to impress other filmmakers about my abilities as a filmmaker in a filmmaker mutual circle jerk.
  5. I will write.
  6. I will plan every detail of every shot.
  7. I will have a backup plan for every shot.
  8. I will not be complacent about any perceived ability. It’s the beginning of laziness.
  9. Running and Gunning is for cool filmmakers. I refuse to be a cool filmmaker. I will be a serious filmmaker. I will not run and gun. I will execute well thought out plans. I will let everybody else be a cool filmmaker.
  10. I will know my gear.
  11. I will practice my shots before the day of the shoot.
  12. I will respect the need for good audio.
  13. I will respect audio enough to come to the conclusion that purchasing audio gear will not solve my audio problems.
  14. I will respect audio enough to realize, that I need to pay an audio recordist.
  15. I will respect audio enough to seek information to find out how to hire the right audio recordist.
  16. I will respect the characters enough to spend time on casting.
  17. I will not seek the affirmation of other Filmmakers.
  18. I will be generous with Actors.
  19. I will respect my audience.
  20. I will persevere to control the emotions of my audience.


This is an organic list. You may suggest additions.